Saturday, March 21, 2009

39 Weeks!

MOMMY:  We are on the 1 yard close yet seems so far away.  I am feeling pretty good still.  I have my days where I am more tired than others but really I can't complain.  My ankles...  I mean cankles are getting bigger.  I went to the Dr for my checkup last Tues the 17th.  I go every week now and she found no changes with the progression of labor.   He is head down so that is good news.  I've talked to many friends about their labor experience and the one thing I know is that no story/experience has been the same.  Everyone is SO different.  I feel like I'll probably have to be induced but then again, you just never know.  I am due on Thursday the 26th.  I will go back to the Dr one last time on Tuesday.  If Eli has still not made his debut I will be induced on the evening of the 30th.  I can not have any food or drink... no water, no ice NOTHING 7 hours prior to me being admitted.  It's hard to believe that he will be here soon.  I am excited but nervous.  Until then we just wait and wait and wait.........

DADDY:  Teshia has been full term for a week and a half.  In other words... little Elijah has been on "go" for a week and a half.  His room is ready.  The car seat is ready.  His bassinet is ready.  His clothes are all washed in Dreft.  The baby monitors are all set up.  All the necessary parenting classes (and big sister classes) have been taken.  The breast feeding classes have been taken.  The ceiling fan has been hung.  The pediatrician has been interviewed and selected.  The insurance has been procured.  The video camera has been erased and readied.  Amazingly, with all of this done... we both feel as though we aren't really ready.  

Teshia had contractions tonight at the Japanese restaurant.  I've been sitting on go for the last week or so.  I take my cell phone into every meeting I have.  

Everyone has their own idea as to when little Elijah may arrive.  Knowing Teshia... my fear is that he will be birthed in our living room!  I just know she will explain away the heavier than usual contractions, the breaking of water.... I just know I'm going to need to boil water and retrieve a lot of towels!

I can't wait to see my little boy.  I really want to know what he looks like.  I can't remember how hard this time will be.  Everyone tells me that this time will be very hard.  I guess it will be hard, but I just can't wait for the very good times... all of the very good times.  I can't wait to sit and rock him in his little room.

Soon enough...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8 1/2 Months!

MOMMY: Is it time yet? Boy oh boy I'm ready....literally. I mean, can't you tell my the looks of my belly? I'm either going to pop or start floating away soon. I'm at 32 pounds but after the girl scouts entered our home last week, I'm probably pushing 35+. :) We'll find out next Tues at my 36 week appt. This appt will be more in depth in that they'll draw blood again and start checking my cervix etc. I don't feel like he's dropped yet. Everyone talks about how that happens and talks about the Braxton Hicks contractions you get but I'm still not real sure about those either? We completed our child birthing classses which were helpful and actually fun but did freak me out a bit regarding labor. The ladies in the videos went all natural. I say, "Give me the drugs!" I took a breastfeeding class too but something tells me a class can't prepare you for somethings. I've been feeling pretty good. these days I've actually been working out with Michael the last few weeks trying to build up my endurance for the big day. My back hurts sometimes and my feet swell a bit....especially in the evenings. But other than that, I really can't complain. It's been a busy last few weeks with showers (Knox & Nash) and getting Eli's room in order. I racked up at both of my showers (thank you gracious friends and family members) and so I think we have almost everything we need. His room looks great too now that we've gotten everything organized and in it's place. It's countdown time now. My Doc says if he's late (past March 26th) she won't let me go more than a 1 1/2 weeks beyond that date so I'm thinking April 4th or so would be the latest. It's hard to not be anxious at this point but I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy every second of every day... especially the quietness of the house etc bc things are about to quickly change. I can't wait to meet my lil guy!!

DADDY: We are really getting close! Next month at this time we are going to be on the 1 yard line! I really wish we could have Eli today! I'm ready to see his little face and to see what this little boy will look like and be like! This past month we attended the child birth classes, breast feeding classes (which I skipped) and really made the finishing touches on his little room! In honor of my son, I hung a ceiling fan for him so he wouldn't have to sweat!
This month I also bought 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to surprise Teshia. I bought 2 Samoas and 2 Tagalongs. Just after I made my purchase, we heard the news about the tainted Ga peanut butter. 4 days after we recieved the cookies, I found that Teshia had polished off both boxes of Samoas. I didn't get one! In only two days! She's encouraged me to eat as many peanut butter tainted Tagalongs that I want.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4d Ultrasound Picture of little ELI!

Month 7 1/2 (Daddy erased the 7 month pic on accident!)

There is no hiding that boy now. :) I'm trying to figure out how I can keep expanding but somehow the body continues to do so. I've gained 28 pounds.....yikes. One 4 week period I gained 9 pounds....I about fell out and then the next 4 week period I only gained 1 pound. I guess the body just does what it has to do sometimes. I've been feeling pretty good...still lots of energy for the most part. I do get tired especially in the evenings sometimes. My feet hurt late in the day but I've found one pair of comfy shoes I wear every day that help. I've even had to purchase some support hose. I'm not afraid to say it. :) I have a few lovely veins that have decided to pop out on the back of my legs....pretty yucky. My dr visits have gone well. I did the gestational diabetes test at 28 weeks and tested negative. Wahoo!! They did determine I was slightly anemic so I've been taking an iron supplement and vitamin C each day. I now start going to the Dr every 2 weeks and so my next appt is Friday the 16th. This past Tues we did the 3D/4D ultrasound and WOW....that's all I have to say. It was truly amazing and took my breath away when I saw that little booger. He is soooo cute!! His room is starting to come together. Michael get's husband of the year award for putting the baby bed together. There was only a few cuss words involved too. :) We've pretty much decided our little guy's name will be Elijah Michael Ford and we'll call him Eli. Ellie is pumped. We were a little concerned about the spelling being so close to her name but we want to keep with the traditional name/spelling of it. March 26 is getting closer and closer and I'm READY!!!!! I have my Knox baby shower next weekend and my Nashville baby shower is Feb 7th. Two fun things to look forward to in getting me through these next few weeks. We also have to decide on a pediatrician so I interviewed one today and will be interviewing another next week. The joys of getting ready for the little bundle of joy!!

I am amazed by the growth of the baby this past month. Teshia has really begun to fill out and I can feel the powerful kicks and jabs of little Eli much more than in the past. The 4d ultrasound was overwhelming. Actually seeing a picture of my son before he is born is amazing. He yawned, sucked on his little arm and stretched his neck! Teshia and I just watched in amazement! Teshia is doing great!

I put the baby crib together. Who would have ever thought that a 200 lb baby bed could be put together with a 2 inch allen wrench. All I know is that when and if I ever do meet the guy that thought of it, I'm going to punch him square in the nose.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Momma's at 6 months / 24 weeks and feeling it for sure! I feel pretty good for the most part, just trying to figure out how to get through 4 more months without exploding. My lower belly often feels like it's stretching and pulling which makes it hurt to walk around sometimes. I've also noticed that my heart rate beats really fast, especially in the mornings. My resting HR was 100 one morning. This is evidentially a sign of tacacardia which is common in pregnancy. I have a Dr. appt Friday so will be discussing all of these issues with her.
I've started looking for nery room stuff which is exciting. I registered at Baby's R Us for the everyday items which was fun but entirely overwhelming! I also signed up for a childbirthing class and breast feeding class. Miss Elie gets to go to a brothers/sisters class as well where she takes a stuffed animal or doll and learns to change diapers, etc. Shis is pumped... although she says poopie diapers are out!
We are still stressing over the name, but hope to get that nailed down soon. Graham, Ely, Jacob, are top names right now.
Little Ely is really coming along! Teshia covered everything pretty much. This month she really started showing. I just don't see how Teshia little belly is going to take much more... but I'm sure we'll find out just how much bigger she'll get very soon.
Only 3 more months. This is really flying by much faster than I thought it would.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

22 Weeks!

While this isn't our baby, this is a great picture of where our little boy is right now! This is a picture of a baby at 22 weeks!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

20 Weeks.....IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 3rd, the day we had been anxiously waiting for. We went for the ultrasound bright and early. The nurse started showing us all the baby parts checking to make sure all things looked normal. She checked the heart, fingers, toes, brain, profile of the face which made me cry and then it was time for gender. She said well, "It's definitely a boy." I think I actually started to giggle. I was like a boy? What? I guess I just assumed we'd have a girl... never quite pictured myself with a boy. I guess the two dreams I had about having a boy was preparing me. My mom actually had a dream I was having a boy too. Everyone says boys love their mommies. I get more excited each day that passes. Finding a name continues to be a challenge though. Michael and I are having a hard time agreeing so it may be down to the wire.

I've been feeling pretty good these days. I actually started working PT so that's been nice. I even felt so good one weekend that I went camping with Michael and Ellie. Let's just say though that won't be happening again for quite some time. Those 3-4 bathroom breaks at night is not as much fun out in the woods. I feel like I can feel my stomach stretching. I have gained 12 pounds... yikes. I think a few body parts weigh at least 5-6 pounds each though for sure. :)

A son! WOW... Even though I voted for a son... I never actually expected that we would have one. I feel comfortable with sweet little Ellie. I'm good with a daughter. A boy is a whole new ball game! Despite my uneasiness... I'm fired up. I'm really excited to have a boy. A boy will do the things with me that no one else really wants to do. A boy will accompany me on the not so cleverly thought out plots that I seem to always get myself into!

It's been fun to watch T's reaction to the news. She was obviously not expecting a boy either. Her entire experience has been girls. She is great with girls and I think that has her nervous that she won't be great with a boy. I think just the opposite. I think she is going to really love having a son. She can throw a football and is as witty as any guy I know. Any boy in this house will appreciate and respect T out of sheer envy! Combine all of this with her amazing mothering/nurturing spirit and there's sure to be a tight bond between these two. I can't wait to watch it form.

The baby is growing to proper proportions these days. It is really starting to feel real! If we could just decide upon a name. So far Teshia likes Jacob, Jake, Tucker, Ethan and Hank among others. I'm a fan of Ely and tonight when I mentioned it to Teshia... she liked it! At some point we'll settle on something that we both like.