Saturday, March 21, 2009

39 Weeks!

MOMMY:  We are on the 1 yard close yet seems so far away.  I am feeling pretty good still.  I have my days where I am more tired than others but really I can't complain.  My ankles...  I mean cankles are getting bigger.  I went to the Dr for my checkup last Tues the 17th.  I go every week now and she found no changes with the progression of labor.   He is head down so that is good news.  I've talked to many friends about their labor experience and the one thing I know is that no story/experience has been the same.  Everyone is SO different.  I feel like I'll probably have to be induced but then again, you just never know.  I am due on Thursday the 26th.  I will go back to the Dr one last time on Tuesday.  If Eli has still not made his debut I will be induced on the evening of the 30th.  I can not have any food or drink... no water, no ice NOTHING 7 hours prior to me being admitted.  It's hard to believe that he will be here soon.  I am excited but nervous.  Until then we just wait and wait and wait.........

DADDY:  Teshia has been full term for a week and a half.  In other words... little Elijah has been on "go" for a week and a half.  His room is ready.  The car seat is ready.  His bassinet is ready.  His clothes are all washed in Dreft.  The baby monitors are all set up.  All the necessary parenting classes (and big sister classes) have been taken.  The breast feeding classes have been taken.  The ceiling fan has been hung.  The pediatrician has been interviewed and selected.  The insurance has been procured.  The video camera has been erased and readied.  Amazingly, with all of this done... we both feel as though we aren't really ready.  

Teshia had contractions tonight at the Japanese restaurant.  I've been sitting on go for the last week or so.  I take my cell phone into every meeting I have.  

Everyone has their own idea as to when little Elijah may arrive.  Knowing Teshia... my fear is that he will be birthed in our living room!  I just know she will explain away the heavier than usual contractions, the breaking of water.... I just know I'm going to need to boil water and retrieve a lot of towels!

I can't wait to see my little boy.  I really want to know what he looks like.  I can't remember how hard this time will be.  Everyone tells me that this time will be very hard.  I guess it will be hard, but I just can't wait for the very good times... all of the very good times.  I can't wait to sit and rock him in his little room.

Soon enough...